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Live from the Retail Technology Show in London

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Join FreedomPay as we host our 8th roundtable discussion LIVE! from London's Retail Technology Show.

In Personalisation Pays: How Data-Driven Strategies are Shaping Retail, moderated by Natalie Berg from NBK Retail, hear from leading industry executives from FreedomPay, Accenture and BRC to discuss the importance of personalised customer journeys and how retailers are using key industry strategies that support data intelligence and personalisation in order to succeed against the current recessionary backdrop.


Watch LIVE from the Retail Technology Show in London

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  • 10:00 Harnessing Payment Data Seamlessly to Understand the Full Consumer Story

    Cedric Lourie, VP Digital Development at FreedomPay unpacks the challenges retailers face in leveraging data to provide a premium consumer experience. Topics include challenges in collecting data across an enterprise, deriving insights from the data, and how to activate any newfound insights to drive consumer behavior.

  • 11:00 Using Technology to Solve for Consumer Loyalty in an Increasingly Fragmented World

    Cedric Lourie, VP of Digital Development at FreedomPay speaks to the daunting task retailers have in mastering their loyalty strategy. Topics include the loyalty landscape gaps creating friction, foundational elements to a successful enterprise loyalty strategy, and how retailers are reevaluating tech stacks to create bespoke and innovative loyalty strategies.

  • 12:00 Exclusive Research from Retail Economics and FreedomPay

    Barry Stearn, VP of Partnerships at FreedomPay launches exclusive research from Retail Economics and FreedomPay.

  • 13:00 Roundtable Event: Personalisation Pays: How Data-Driven Strategies are Shaping Retail

    • Natalie Berg, Moderator, NBK Retail
    • Chris Kronenthal, President, FreedomPay
    • Sulabh Agarwal, MD of Global Payments, Accenture
    • Richard Lim, CEO, Retail Economics
    • Hannah Regan, Financial Policy Lead, BRC

  • 14:00 How ‘Pay with Points’ is Redefining Consumer Share of Wallet: FreedomPay’s Multi-Merchant Network™

    Cedric Lourie VP of Digital Development at FreedomPay outlines why converting loyalty program points into usable currency will disrupt the payment space. Topics include why this functionality has historically stumbled, why we are at a tipping point to course correct, and what the early behavior shifts have been in consumers where this type of technology is getting enabled.

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